Limited Releases & Co-lab brews

Limited release brews

We love to experiment with our brews and have made some special releases for events and enjoyed collaborations with other breweries. Here is a list of some of our favourites


Experimental Series



Brewed for Marchfest 2019, this hazy brew smashed your palate with a truck load of Mosaic, Amarillo & Simcoe Hops. A malt base rich with wheat, Oats and Vienna malt made for one of the top rated beers at the event. Have to admit, we like this style and are sure to brew more in future



Horse Bonnet - Chilli Pilsner

Our love for Chillies is right up there with our love for beer, almost !

Wanting to showcase the incredible flavours from some of the worlds hottest chillies, highlighting the big flavours of the Scotch Bonnet Chilli while removing most of the perceived heat. Choosing our Pilsner as a platform for the flavours to pop, this brew gives all the flavours accompanied with a light champagne sizzle on the palate of spice. 

delicate, fruity and simply divine !



Perfect Storm US IPA    Co-lab brew

Designed with our beer mates from Smiths Craft Beer House in Queenstown. This brew showcased bold American hop profiles of Citra & Mosaic that the crew frothed for 



The Beer Lover's Gin

We distilled our award winning Ronin Pilsner, combined it with some beautiful botanical's to make our limited anniversary special edition GIN. With a hint of hop profiles paired with lemon peel, juniper and cardamon our Beer Lover's Gin offered a unique spirited experience 






Layer Cake - Choc Orange Baltic Porter Co-lab Brew

Made with our great friends at Concept Brewing Co in Christchurch. Its the first in our BEERGASM SERIES 

Made with ruby red grapefruit coupled with the distinctive Mandarina Bavaria Hop. This orange twist was complimented by adding cocoa nibs to the fermentor to leave multiple velvety sweet layers. Layer cake is one of our favourite creations



Resinous Hoppy Filth  Double IPA

Co-lab Brew

Another BEERGASM brew, this time we went huge on everything to make an extreme beer that shocked the senses. Loads of fun pushing the limits of what your palate could perceive in hop profiles and ABV




Following on from the success of Resinous Hoppy Filth, We pushed the ABV and flavour compounds even further. The extreme outcome was then sweetened in a slushy machine for Beervana 2017 and eaten with a spoon !


Pines & Needles Saison

We made a number of Saison brews with Concept Brewing Co as we both lve the style. Using fresh Pine needles in the boil this Saison was a great brew with unique flavours that danced with the hops and yeast ester profile wonderfully